Elvis Presley – The Complete ’60s Albums Collection, Vol. 1: 1960-1965 [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

Release Name: Elvis Presley – The Complete ’60s Albums Collection, Vol. 1: 1960-1965 [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]
Size: 848 MB
Genres: Rock, Music



Elvis Is Back!
1. Make Me Know It
2. Fever
3. The Girl of My Best Friend

4. I Will Be Home Again
5. Dirty, Dirty Feeling
6. The Thrill of Your Love
7. Soldier Boy
8. Such a Night
9. It Feels So Right
10. The Girl Next Door Went a’Walking
11. Like a Baby
12. Reconsider Baby

G.I. Blues
1. Tonight Is So Right for Love
2. What’s She Really Like
3. Frankfort Special
4. Wooden Heart
5. G.I. Blues
6. Pocketful of Rainbows
7. Shoppin’ Around
8. Big Boots
9. Didja’ Ever
10. Blue Suede Shoes
11. Doin’ the Best I Can
12. Tonight’s All Right for Love (Bonus Track)

His Hand In Mine
1. His Hand In Mine
2. I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs
3. In My Father’s House
4. Milky White Way
5. Known Only to Him
6. I Believe In the Man In the Sky
7. Joshua Fit the Battle
8. He Knows Just What I Need
9. Swing Down Sweet Chariot
10. Mansion Over the Hilltop
11. If We Never Meet Again
12. Working On the Building

Something for Everybody
1. There’s Always Me
2. Give Me the Right
3. It’s a Sin
4. Sentimental Me
5. Starting Today
6. Gently
7. I’m Coming Home
8. In Your Arms
9. Put the Blame On Me
10. Judy
11. I Want You with Me
12. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell

Blue Hawaii
1. Blue Hawaii
2. Almost Always True
3. Aloha Oe
4. No More
5. Can’t Help Falling In Love
6. Rock-A-Hula Baby
7. Moonlight Swim
8. Ku-U-I-Po
9. Ito Eats
10. Slicin’ Sand
11. Hawaiian Sunset
12. Beach Boy Blues
13. Island of Love
14. Hawaiian Wedding Song

Pot Luck
1. Kiss Me Quick
2. Just for Old Time Sake
3. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow
4. (Such An) Easy Question
5. Steppin’ Out of Line
6. I’m Yours
7. Something Blue
8. Suspicion
9. I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever
10. Night Rider
11. Fountain of Love
12. That’s Someone You Never Forget

Girls! Girls! Girls!
1. Girls! Girls! Girls!
2. I Don’t Wanna Be Tied
3. Where Do You Come From
4. I Don’t Want To
5. We’ll Be Together (with The Amigos)
6. A Boy Like Me, a Girl Like You
7. Earth Boy
8. Return to Sender (From “Girls! Girls! Girls!”)
9. Because of Love
10. Thanks to the Rolling Sea
11. Song of the Shrimp
12. The Walls Have Ears
13. We’re Coming In Loaded

It Happened At the World’s Fair
1. Beyond the Bend
2. Relax
3. Take Me to the Fair
4. They Remind Me Too Much of You
5. One Broken Heart for Sale
6. I’m Falling In Love Tonight
7. Cotton Candy Land
8. A World of Our Own
9. How Would You Like to Be?
10. Happy Ending

Elvis’ Golden Records, Vol. 3
1. It’s Now or Never
2. Stuck On You
3. Fame and Fortune
4. I Gotta Know
5. Surrender
6. I Feel So Bad
7. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
8. (Marie’s the Name Of) His Latest Flame
9. Little Sister
10. Good Luck Charm
11. Anything That’s Part of You
12. She’s Not You

Fun In Acapulco
1. Fun In Acapulco
2. Vino, Dinero y Amor
3. Mexico
4. El Toro
5. Marguerita
6. The Bullfighter Was a Lady
7. (There’s) No Room to Rhumba In a Sports Car
8. I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here
9. Bossa Nova Baby
10. You Can’t Say No In Acapulco
11. Guadalajara
12. Love Me Tonight
13. Slowly But Surely

Kissin’ Cousins
1. Kissin’ Cousins (No. 2)
2. Smokey Mountain Boy
3. There’s Gold In the Mountains
4. One Boy, Two Little Girls
5. Catchin’ On Fast
6. Tender Feeling
7. Anyone (Could Fall In Love With You)
8. Barefoot Ballad
9. Once Is Enough
10. Kissin’ Cousins
11. Echoes of Love
12. (It’s A) Long Lonely Highway

1. Roustabout
2. Little Egypt
3. Poison Ivy League
4. Hard Knocks
5. It’s a Wonderful World
6. Big Love, Big Heartache
7. One Track Heart
8. It’s Carnival Time
9. Carny Town
10. There’s a Brand New Day On the Horizon
11. Wheels On My Heels

Girl Happy
1. Girl Happy
2. Spring Fever
3. Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce
4. Startin’ Tonight
5. Wolf Call
6. Do Not Disturb
7. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
8. The Meanest Girl In Town
9. Do the Clam
10. Puppet On a String
11. I’ve Got to Find My Baby
12. You’ll Be Gone

Elvis for Everyone!
1. Your Cheatin’ Heart
2. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
3. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
4. In My Way
5. Tomorrow Night
6. Memphis Tennessee
7. For the Millionth and the Last Time
8. Forget Me Never
9. Sound Advice
10. Santa Lucia (From “Viva Las Vegas”)
11. I Met Her Today
12. When It Rains, It Really Pours

Harum Scarum
1. Harem Holiday
2. My Desert Serenade
3. Go East, Young Man
4. Mirage
5. Kismet
6. Shake That Tambourine
7. Hey Little Girl
8. Golden Coins
9. So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise)
10. Animal Instinct
11. Wisdom of the Ages

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